the key to success tarkov

So, adventurer, you need to complete the key to success tarkov? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. This is a quest in a popular game called Escape from Tarkov, and all the signage is in russian.

Now if you want success in your own life–in the real world, then you should probably stop spending so much time playing this and other games.

In any case, here’s the key to success tarkov:

Key to success is a mission in get away from Tarkov and is the 15th challenge you get from the supplier Ragman. the whole thing of the quest takes area in Tarkov’s Interchange region. moreover, this might be one of the simpler Ragman responsibilities you’ll stumble upon in the game. It involves collecting and handing in both components of a clothes design manual, and can net you some forex, revel in factors, in addition to a few great face wear. So, match up – it’s time to drop into Interchange and entire the key to fulfillment challenge in escape from Tarkov!

the first book is located in a shop referred to as “МУЗЕЙ ИСТОРИИ” (“Museum of history”) on the second ground of the shopping center on Interchange. it can be found in a pile of books.

the second one ebook is placed in the book keep on the primary ground of the shopping mall on Interchange. it may be discovered at the center shelf within the lowest row that incorporates books.

This object can most effective be found if the hunt is lively.
whilst picked up, this object is transferred to the participant’s quest item inventory.
If the player fails to extract with this item, they’ll lose it.


must be level 26 to start this quest.


reap the garments design handbook - part 1 on Interchange
quit the garments design handbook - element 1 to Ragman
reap the garments design handbook - element 2 on Interchange
surrender the clothes layout guide - part 2 to Ragman


+15,600 EXP
Ragman Rep +0.03
60,000 Roubles
    sixty three,000 Roubles with Intelligence center stage 1
    69,000 Roubles with Intelligence center degree 2

2× Ghost balaclava
Unlocks purchase of Eberlestock G2 Gunslinger II backpack (Dry Earth) at Ragman LL4