Let’s Go Brandon

Lets go Brandon quote: where did it come from? what does it mean? and why is it blowing up?

Probably in the past month, maybe even as few as 2-3 weeks, I started seeing youtube commenters typing this strange “Let’s go Brandon!” quote.

I noticed that it seemed to occur when people were making fun of or commenting against the “president” Joe Biden. This leads me to believe that it is some kind of tease or jab at Biden.

At first I thought maybe it was some kind of weird thing or gaffe uttered by Biden while telling some disturbing awkward story, or in a press conference. And so they are mocking him by repeating what he fumbled.

But then I recently saw something that indicated someone had written and/or sung a song with that phrase in it. So maybe the song or the singer are against Biden?

What exactly is this new meme? I call it a text meme. I have not taken the time to look it up. But it does make me wonder how many people are in my same boat of wondering, and then searching for the answer.

I have a feeling it will not be amazing, but that it will be mediocre in it’s cleverness and humor, or zinging power.