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Optimized CPCs

Never again leave your bids unattended! Not every keyword performs the same. Flimbu sets every day your optimal CPCs providing the best return on investment (ROI)

Online Advanced Reporting

Access detailed and updated information 24/7. You'll access to data that you can't see in Adwords. Our platform has a detail reporting panel, CPCs optimization, quality score, landing pages and negative keywords

Quality Score

Quality Score is a key factor in your ad performance. Flimbu helps you find the best opportunities and prioritize them based on its impact on your account.

Certified Professionals

Your campaigns will be managed by Google Certified Professionals. Everyone working at Flimbu is Certified by Google.

Landing Pages

Availability of your landing pages is a basic step in the success of your campaigns. Never again pay for a click to an error page!

Qualified Customers

We manage your account to help Your Business to get People searching for Your Products. We measure results and manage accordingly.

Join Hundred of Users Using Flimbu

 We have worked with 4 of the 'top' PPC firms, with small, costly gains (most of their payment models were a percentage of our spend).

We were pretty much ready to give up on outside help, but gave it a last go with Flimbu. Within 3 months, they had nearly doubled our volume, while dropping our CPA by more than 50% (and at a small, fixed fee).

If you already have an adwords campaign that could use improvement - they are the real deal, and have more than earned our endorsement. 

Ari Vinograd, USA

 Flimbu support team have always been very respectful, answering all our concerns very quickly and patiently.

Of course I'd recommend Flimbu to other users, specially those who sell mass goods. We receive leads on our website and close deals offline. I admire how proud are them of their product. 

Claudio Cooper, Argentina

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